Individual Psychotherapy

Create a plan to make positive changes

During our work together, we’ll get to know each other and establish a working relationship that feels comfortable to you. We’ll explore the issues that brought you here and create a plan to make positive changes. Individual therapy often includes one or more of the following:

Mindfulness and meditation instruction

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without judgement. It also means learning to forgive the past and let go of future worries. Mindfulness can help you improve your health and well-being, encourage personal growth, and find balance.

Relationship issues

Are you feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled, hurt, or disappointed in a relationship? If you’re experiencing difficulties with a family member, spouse, partner, child, or other important person, healing is possible. Therapy can help you explore your past and present relationships and how they impact who you are.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are quite treatable. After completing a thorough assessment of your symptoms, history of symptoms, and any stressors in your life, we will develop a plan of therapeutic action. This will include setting goals and finding ways to achieve them. Often, once you feel understood and see yourself on a path to healing, you begin to feel relief and hope.

Childhood emotional, sexual, and physical abuse

If you’ve experienced a childhood trauma, you may feel hopeless to change your experience of life. The good news is that, with guidance, healing can occur physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. Individual psychotherapy can address the residual effects of trauma. We’ll use a technique called somatic processing, which helps you manage difficult thoughts by focusing on body sensations. If necessary, we will use eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR. An initial assessment will determine how trauma has impacted you and what the steps to healing are.

Grief and loss

Loss takes many forms: death, divorce, rejection, relocation, health and physical decline, shattered dreams, loss of job, and the loss of beliefs or ideals. Although loss is an inevitable part of life, it is difficult to accept. If you are struggling with pain related to loss, I can help you process your grief. We’ll find a way to honor the loss, make space for emotional upheaval, and reconnect with the life that is here.

Individual psychotherapy is a very personal journey. Our time together, exclusively focused on you, allows for deep introspection and space to begin to cultivate an awareness of your own needs and desires.