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Individual therapy. Consulting for clinicians. Training for organizations.

Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy is a personal journey, and our time together will focus exclusively on you. Through the use of interpersonal neurobiology we will explore the nature of the human brain and examine the ways in which you can change your own brain in order to manifest the life you desire. Through a mindfulness-based approach you will also discover ways to integrate mind and body and actually be more present to the life that is already here. 

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Consultation for Licensed Psychotherapists

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy begins with the therapist’s personal mindfulness practice. I can help you learn meditation and everyday mindfulness as well as the science behind these practices. From there, we’ll discuss how you can apply mindfulness to your work with clients.

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Training for Organizations

Interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness can effect changes in clients presenting with a variety of issues, from anxiety to trauma and depression. I offer full and half-day training for your staff to learn mindfulness-based interventions to enhance client well-being.

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"Stephanie's training helped us provide better care for our clients."

Stephanie conducted a mindfulness training at our agency, and we've been able to apply what we learned to improve outcomes for our clients. Many of our staff now maintain a personal mindfulness practice as well.

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